Here at E-Gear, we deliver the WOW effect, our experienced and dedicated team can help you set up your LAN center from beginning to end. From the latest gaming hardware to the next-generation management software solutions for your LAN center, cyber cafes, esports arenas, universities, and all its features for a smooth and successful operation. Our turnkey solution software sets up, manages, and controls your esports center with a powerful and smooth graphical interface that will make your LAN center easy by handling the customer interface with pay-to-play time, limitless Game Titles, auto-update all games patches, local competitions, world to participate, Esports and gaming competitions, and exclusive features that will unlock all character abilities, skins, and power-ups are unlocked to help you drive traffic. Our commitment to your satisfaction and attention to detail in everything we do. Let our experience and knowledge teams help you reach your next goals.

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Designing and Developing your new custom LAN Center? We've got you covered. From architectural layout, manufacturing to fabrication, design, renderings, themes and layout. We work directly with fabricators, architectures, and contractors to deliver a cross-functional workflow that can help unlock value for your business. Our IT teams can also help design your network infrastructures, Edge Router, Switches, Public Wi-Fi, WISP, MSP, VOIP, POS, Custom PCs, Game Launcher, And more.


Based on your goals and dreams our professional consulting teams can help you with: Investment strategy in eSports with brands and sponsors, marketing strategy, event organizers & brands, eSports projects for streams, Social Media, competitors, tips on how to operate your center, hiring and training staff, etc.

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Here at E-Gear, we want your attractions to be successful by helping to train your staff with strategies to help them prepared for the grand opening. With our support, training, and education you and your team are up for continued success. Successful attractions can only be a success with the right training and support. We’ve got you covered!

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